When it comes to portrait photography, clothing plays a large role in the success of the final outcome.  You do not need to have brand new outfits or designer jeans and you don’t need to match each other to a tee. Try picking a few colors and sticking to them for the entire family. Dark jeans or khakis are always a good choice and you can pair it with coordinating colors.  Try to keep each person a little unique but still within the color scheme.

Here are a few simple rules to create a fabulous look…

Make sure that you feel good in your clothing. Your session will include multiple poses, some on the ground, so choose clothing that allows you to move freely. If your outfit feels stiff, your pictures will look stiff.

Don’t forget to accessorize! Chunky & colorful necklaces, scarves and hats can tie everyone together. If the weather permits, add layers! Jackets add texture, which photographs really well.
Choose your outfits around your location. Make sure that your clothing makes sense with your backdrops.
Stripes and plaids don’t always look good together.

Don’t stress…  This is supposed to be fun.

*Newborns look best in their own skin!  Other options include: cloth diapers, solid color or fun patterned swaddle blankets, funky hats and wraps are always a bonus.

*Maternity sessions are very important, as you want to show off that beautiful growing baby.  I recommend form fitting tops or dresses that accentuate your curves.  Fun patterns and textures are always welcome.

*Senior sessions…What in the world are you going to wear? Your wardrobe is basically the voice of your photos…telling your story and bringing out your inner personality! Let me know if you need any suggestions or if you’d like me to critique your choices.  The more planning you do beforehand, the better!

Nope, no studio here.  I believe this is what defines my photography:  using the WORLD as your studio.  There is nothing that I love more than to get outside and use creation as your backdrop.  I have set up in some client’s homes before and utilized the natural light flowing in from their windows and this depends on the number of people we have and what type of session that is booked, but I much rather prefer to use the ocean, the leaves, the trees, the field as a key player in your images.  If the weather forecast is calling for a strong chance of rain, then we will most likely reschedule ahead of time, however, I have found that often times, waiting until the day of, to see what the weather does, sometimes pays off.  As we all know in New England, it can be rainy and cloudy in the morning and clear and sunny in the late afternoon.

My specialty is outdoor, natural light, child and family photography.  I like to leave the location up to you and we discuss this in emails or phone calls prior to your shoot.  I help with ideas to make your family session authentically yours.  Does your family like being near the water? Would it be fun to play in the leaves together? Let’s bring a book, Frisbee, or bubbles along to help those little guys stay interested and happy or maybe a special little stuffed animal or blankie.  If you are blank on ideas for location, then let me help you.  I’ve got plenty.  The important thing is that we decide together and I work to make your session unique to you and your family.  On location can mean anywhere really. .. In your front yard, near the ocean, or walking through a fort.

Being photographed should be easy. It should be a relaxed, casual and fun experience. Working with natural light and on location helps me create an environment that is enjoyable to work in together and puts everyone at ease. Creating timeless photographs that capture the intrinsic beauty and uniqueness of each person I shoot is what I set out to do in every session. My feeling is that the photographs should be true to life, true to the personality of my subject, and truly stunning to experience.

In order to deliver photographs that capture the essence of my subjects, I place great emphasis on taking the time to get to know them, on finding comfortable settings to suit their personalities, and on using natural light to unearth the radiance within them.

My approach is especially important when I am working with children. Before I even look through my lens I turn my attention to your child. Getting a sense of who your child is and giving them the opportunity to feel comfortable with my camera and with me is what allows me to photograph their true personality. My goal is to reveal their spirit, not just show what they look like. I want each child to enjoy the experience of being photographed, not to feel pressured to make an expected face or behave a certain way. Sessions are geared toward ensuring that the child enjoys the process. For them, it is about the time we spend together, not the final enlargements on the wall. I want them to love the session as much as I want you to love the photographs. So we’ll laugh a little, have some fun, maybe climb trees, and play a while. Instead of offering them direction, I prefer to follow their lead and allow them to just be themselves.

Sessions are available during the week and on weekends. It is important to me to find a day and time that fits into your family’s busy schedule. My only request is that you please keep your child’s routine in mind when scheduling. Well-rested, fed and healthy children are more comfortable and are therefore happier to be photographed. Sessions typically last 45 minutes. However, I am committed to spending as much time as is needed to create beautiful, timeless portraits. I am currently booking 3-4 weeks in advance. Please keep this in mind and ensure ample time to reserve your date. The session fee is due at the end of the photo shoot. I reserve the right to reschedule the session if I feel that the circumstances in which I am working are not going to be conducive to getting the kind of portraits that we have discussed. I am also flexible about rescheduling if a child is just having a bad day or is not his or herself. Please allow 48 hours’ notice for canceling when possible.

No, it would not be cool to put my logo on your memories.

I shoot everything in color and can convert images to B&W during my editing process, if you request it.  I love the black & white look and think there’s something old-time and classic about it. You will receive both color and black & white by request.

Portrait sessions will be available within two weeks.  I will hand you a disk with all your images.

Cash or Check payable to “Meredith Keller”.

I ask for payment after your photo shoot.

I don’t charge a travel fee for any sessions located on Aquidneck Island. Twenty-five miles outside the zip code 02842; I charge $0.50/mile.