Do you have a studio? What do we do if it’s raining?

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Nope, no studio here.  I believe this is what defines my photography:  using the WORLD as your studio.  There is nothing that I love more than to get outside and use creation as your backdrop.  I have set up in some client’s homes before and utilized the natural light flowing in from their windows and this depends on the number of people we have and what type of session that is booked, but I much rather prefer to use the ocean, the leaves, the trees, the field as a key player in your images.  If the weather forecast is calling for a strong chance of rain, then we will most likely reschedule ahead of time, however, I have found that often times, waiting until the day of, to see what the weather does, sometimes pays off.  As we all know in New England, it can be rainy and cloudy in the morning and clear and sunny in the late afternoon.

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