What should I expect?

Being photographed should be easy. It should be a relaxed, casual and fun experience. Working with natural light and on location helps me create an environment that is enjoyable to work in together and puts everyone at ease. Creating timeless photographs that capture the intrinsic beauty and uniqueness of each person I shoot is what I set out to do in every session. My feeling is that the photographs should be true to life, true to the personality of my subject, and truly stunning to experience.

In order to deliver photographs that capture the essence of my subjects, I place great emphasis on taking the time to get to know them, on finding comfortable settings to suit their personalities, and on using natural light to unearth the radiance within them.

My approach is especially important when I am working with children. Before I even look through my lens I turn my attention to your child. Getting a sense of who your child is and giving them the opportunity to feel comfortable with my camera and with me is what allows me to photograph their true personality. My goal is to reveal their spirit, not just show what they look like. I want each child to enjoy the experience of being photographed, not to feel pressured to make an expected face or behave a certain way. Sessions are geared toward ensuring that the child enjoys the process. For them, it is about the time we spend together, not the final enlargements on the wall. I want them to love the session as much as I want you to love the photographs. So we’ll laugh a little, have some fun, maybe climb trees, and play a while. Instead of offering them direction, I prefer to follow their lead and allow them to just be themselves.

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