Meet Meri

Meredith Keller… aka Meri

The Photographer

I grew up mostly in the North East (Navy Brat) and enjoyed my college years at California Lutheran University. I currently live in Middletown, Rhode Island with my two beautiful girls.

When my daughter was born, I wanted to capture every little moment of her life.  I wanted to remember her baby days and am now passionate about holding on to the memories of her youth.  And now as I watch her little sister grow, I can see that time is moving much too fast.  I hope the moments I capture with my camera will someday bring me back to these times when they were so little, so innocent, still my babies.

That is what I hope to do for you and your family.  Capture the moments, preserve the memories and help you to never forget.

I find an indescribable joy in creating portraits of children.

I love the entire process of interacting with kids, photographing them, and presenting those glimpses of their lives to parents. I am completely amazed at how quickly little ones grow up, and I love that I am able to document what they are like at different stages- from sleepy newborn, to wild toddler, to loose teeth, the times when they are discovering who they are and who they want to be…..

I’m a self-taught photographer.

I’m continually inspired by the different personalities that I meet.

I take photographs because I want to capture people and their relationships with each other.

I’m patient with children and find their “off” moments to be most rewarding to capture

I don’t look for perfection.

I love real moments and honest images.

I take my camera everywhere I go.

The best compliment that I’ve received from a client is that they had fun.  Because that’s what photography is about.  FUN.  And that can only be achieved by keeping it real.

I believe in keeping pictures simple.  I enjoy shooting in natural light.  Sessions with me are very casual, fun and light.

I believe in memory, nostalgia, friends and family.

I love laughing.

Thank You Deb Kestler for the beautiful photograph