The pictures Meri took of our ceremony and reception really capture the love and fun of a fabulous day. We did not want a prolonged formal photo shoot nor miss out on any part of the party so Meri arrived before the ceremony to take pictures of us with our families. Many of our family members are uncomfortable in front of the camera but Meri’s easy going disposition and quick photography skills made the “formal” photo shoot swift and painless. The images that Meri produced are gorgeous!  We especially loved how she captured the lush color of the summer gardens. She is a true professional. What was equally remarkable was that we did not even notice she was there during the ceremony and reception! She caught many sweet moments that are really touching to look back on. We highly recommend Meri!

Shannon and Matt

I’m Scarlett’s Dad. I just finished looking at the disk you gave us from last week’s performance of “Annie”. If my typing seems to be off, it’s because your amazing photos have brought tears to my eyes and I can’t see straight. Those pictures are wonderful and your talent is beyond comprehension. You have captured some truly cherished moments.

Michael Connole

Oh my God!!!! Where is my little girl? These pictures are of a beautiful young lady! I can’t stop crying! You are truly gifted. They are all so breathtaking! You captured my daughter’s spirit. What a wonderful experience and I will shout it out to the world you are FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! You are amazing at your craft. We are so lucky to have spent time with you and your camera. The images are truly are out of this world! Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you!!!!!!! Next will be the whole family. Let the magic begin :)

Fran Rosa

Meri Keller…You are AMAZING and my family thanks you from the bottom of our hearts for the treasures you created at our family photo shoot. Thank you… thank you! Friends – if you are thinking of getting photos taken – do it! And use Meri Keller. She rocks!

Glenna Johnson

The consensus in the Smith household is that you are awesome. I can’t thank you enough. You have an amazing talent!

Kerri Smith

Meri, you have amazing skill in what you do…your compassion and love for people shines through…the photo shoot was such fun because of YOU. Thank you!

Sue, Michael and James Garvey

Our engagement pictures came out amazing-they really capture our personalities. We had so much fun taking them…and I know Cara had a blast! Thank you for being patient with the dog…I love the shots with her!!! It’s wonderful to have pictures where Mike & I are both smiling…they are far and few between!

Meg McCauley

I was amazed at how Meri captured expressions on my kids’ faces and our eyes were so vivid. Meri loves eye shots and everyone who has seen the pictures has commented on how beautiful our eyes are. Meri has a way of making you feel beautiful. She coaches you during the shoot allowing you to feel comfortable and relaxed. My younger son can be shy and doesn’t like to be the center of attention. She put him at ease and made him comfortable. I will treasure these photos and happily pass Meri’s name onto whoever asks me who took them.

Christine Arouth

I love the locations that Miss Meri chose. The lighting was really cool. She put a lot of effort into finding spots that had great lighting and were interesting. It felt really comfortable and it was fun. The last photo shoot I did was really posed. Miss Meri just told us to do what felt natural so I felt more comfortable. I especially liked being on the beach. She told us to just play and forget she was there. We got some really cool shots on the beach. Miss Meri is also pet friendly. She took some great shots of our dog, Winter. I really liked taking pictures with Miss Meri. She is really nice and fun.

Domenic Arouth

Meri takes awesome pictures. I love how she finds the spot, the light, and the look. She makes it look so easy. I have to agree with my daughter, Kaylee……Meri makes taking pictures fun.

Stacey Marr (2013)

Meri has an eye for the most creative and beautiful pictures. I love seeing the pictures she takes and the “twists” that she can add to make them so original and stunning. I only wish I could take pictures half as good as her! I can’t wait to have Meri do some pictures for me again!!

Stacey Marr (2012)

Meri Keller has a unique ability to truly portray the essence of a person or family in a beautiful and remarkable way. Her enthusiasm and warmth combined with her technical skill allow her to immediately draw out her subjects and capture the personalities and moments in the images she creates. She does not just take photos, but rather tells the story of the people and relationships through her art. I am grateful for the many moments she has recorded in our family history

Aliki Cooper

Meri is not only one of the sweetest women on the planet; she’s also an amazingly talented photographer. The photos that she took of my children will be treasured forever. They capture our kid’s personalities perfectly so that we can always remember what they were like at 10 and 11. Over the summer she also took photos of a guest that we hosted, who spoke NO English. Did that stop Meri? Nope! Her warm personality and encouragement opened the shyest of children right up. She got so many amazing shots, with big smiles and bright eyes; I was able to fill an entire album! Good luck trying to figure out which ones to print! Great color shots &fabulous black and white! Too hard to choose…” Thank you, Meri!

Brooke Newsome

Thank you Meri for sharing your special talent with us. Ethan and I look forward to having our pictures done with you every year. You capture every moment with detail.

Janice Mascarelli

The photos Meri took of our children came out beautifully! The kids had a great time and actually look like they love each other! Now that’s amazing! Thanks so much!

Andrea Stout

OMG Meri! They are awesome!!!!! You are extremely talented. I cannot believe how many great photos you got of Jack. I was worried about that. Truly amazing! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Jeannine Dufault Walsh

Jeannine Dufault Walsh

Thank you so much for today! You have a gift! Your spirit is so positive! It shows in your girls! My girls loved every minute!

Erin Margolis

Erin Margolis

Wow!!! Thank you so much for capturing these moments. You have an amazing talent. I see the girls’ personalities in the way you focused in their eyes and caught the smallest mannerism. Thank you so much! I keep looking at them over & over again. XO

Kristin Dembowski (2013)

Meri, thank you so much for the amazing photo session! The pictures are so great! You captured Anna & Kate’s personalities perfectly. We really love them!

Kristin Dembowski (2012)

Thank you for your beautiful work behind the lens…Dr. Forster will be happy to display Sophia’s smile he created!

Jasmin Desmarais

Meri knows people…more than just their names and ages…somehow she always knows what to say and how to make you feel special…put a camera in her hands and suddenly she can share that gift with everyone. Look at the eyes of each of her subjects. That look is called connection…

Aaron Sherman

Photography is about skill, absolutely. There is no doubt that Meri has incredible skill, but it’s her personality behind the camera that brings out the best in those being photographed. Meri has a gift and it is undeniable.

Mary Sheehan

Thank you so much for taking time with our family. You’re playful yet professional nature brought out the best in all of us. Each of us has our favorite photos. I love them all for different reasons-the many facets of our family life reflect joy throughout. I am so touched that you captured Jacob’s many genuine smiles on camera. He is the most reluctant to show his true self to others and you showcased his twinkly eyes in every frame. Willow, our stage girl, loved every moment of the shoot and adores her photos especially. Her playful soul comes through loud and clear. Vinny’s boisterous charm is easy to see and I love the tender moments you captured with all four of us and also as a couple. Thank you for giving us the gift of your talents.

Jen Robinson

Meri has the unique ability to understand your family. I literally cried when I saw the photographs. I felt like she completely got who we are.

Jim Psaras

You photograph my children the way I see them.

Susan Johnson